Grade 8 Band


The Grade 8 Band (at our High Schools) is a Beginning Band … students know very little about Music and/or playing a wind instrument. They get started at our annual "Squeak & Squawk Night" in September with the help of the members of the All – City Senior Concert Band. In one evening, they learn how to assemble and maintain their instruments, how to make a good sound and how to read the written music put in front of them. Then throughout the year, these individuals receive a 75 minute class every other day with either Mr. Fox at F. H. Collins Sec. or at Porter Creek Sec. with Mr. Todd.


 data-cke-saved-src= At the end of March, these Beginners get together again with the Senior Band members to further their understanding on their particular instrument. The annual "Grade 8 Band Retreat" is an intense 40 hours of learning 3 new songs, learning some new notes, polishing 3 Festival pieces, making new friends, and having some real fun while eating a lot of great food! With the exception of the Retreat Weekend and the 2 Concerts (Christmas & Year – End) all of the classes, Tours and Performances happen during regularly scheduled daytime classes.