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Music For a Winter's Eve,   Dec 15 & 16, 2014, Yukon Arts Centre

15 Dec 2014   16 Dec 2014  
A Jazzy Merry Christmas All-City Jazz Band The Herald Angel Swing All-City Jazz Band
Cheep Tricks All-City Jazz Band Chili Today Hot Tamale All-City Jazz Band
Big Swing Face All-City Jazz Band Tuxedo Junction All-City Jazz Band
Santa's Holiday Favorites FH Gr8 Comb. Band Jingle Bells PC Gr8 Band
Coventry Carol FH Gr8 Adv. Band Omicron PC Gr8 Band
Crossing (Fanfare & March) FH Gr8 Comb. Band The Rockin' Drummer Boy PC Gr8 Band
The Lost Tomb FH Gr8 Comb. Band Tyrannosaurus Rocks! PC Gr8 Band
The Polar Express Junior Concert Band The Polar Express Junior Concert Band
Epoch Fantasy Junior Concert Band Zombie Tango Junior Concert Band
Hebrew Medley Junior Concert Band Bang Zoom! Junior Concert Band
Platte River Hoedown Senior Concert Band A Christmas Collage Senior Concert Band
Bond...James Bond Senior Concert Band Rollercoaster! Senior Concert Band
Fantasy on the Huron Carol Senior Concert Band Chicago Senior Concert Band
    Bond...James Bond Senior Concert Band

Sample Recordings 2014 - 2015

(Songs we are working on...)

Junior Concert Band

Bang Zoom! Highlights from Frozen Epoch Fantasy
Bang MED Frozen MED Epoch MED
Bang SLOW Frozen SLOW Epoch SLOW
Zombie Tango Hebrew Medley Polar Express
Zombie MED Hebrew MED Polar MED
Zombie SLOW Hebrew SLOW Polar SLOW
Marche Diabolique Cotton Eyed Joe Brandon Bay
Marche MED Cotton MED Brandon MED
March SLOW Cotton SLOW Brandon SLOW
Codebreaker As Summer was just Beginning Disney at the Movies
Codebreaker MED Summer MED Disney MED
Codebreaker SLOW Summer SLOW Disney SLOW

Jazz Band

Chili today, hot tamale Big swing face Cheep tricks
Chili MED Face MED Cheep MED
Chili SLOW Face SLOW Cheep SLOW
Take the A train Tuxedo Junction El Gato Gordo
Take MED Tuxedo MED Gato MED
Take SLOW Tuxedo SLOW Gato SLOW
Blue 'N' Boogie K.C. and the Sunshine Band  
Blue MED Sunshine MED  
Blue SLOW Sunshine SLOW  
Too Young The Jazz Police  
Young Med Jazz MED  
Young SLOW Jazz SLOW  

Senior Concert Band

Consolation Bond James Bond Fantasy on the Huron
Consolation MED Bond MED Huron MED
Consolation SLOW Bond SLOW Huron SLOW
Platte river hoedown Chicago Overture for Winds
Platte MED Chicago MED Winds MED
Platte SLOW Chicago SLOW Winds SLOW
Rollercoaster! The Klaxon Arctic Fire
Rollercoaster MED Klaxon MED Arctic MED
Rollercoaster SLOW Klaxon SLOW Arctic SLOW
Video Games Live Complete Harry Potter Star Wars Saga
Video MED Potter MED  
Video SLOW Potter SLOW  

Grade 8 Band

Game of Thrones Crazy Train Limbo Rock
Aurora Scorpion Tu Ungane
William Tell Overture    

PCSS Grade 8 Band

Omicron Tyrannosaurus Rocks!  
Omicron MED Tyrann MED  
Omicron SLOW Tyrann SLOW  

Grade 8 Retreat


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