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May Music Magic,   May 5 2014, Yukon Arts Centre

Why Not? All-City Jazz Band
Feeling Good All-City Jazz Band
It's Only a Paper Moon All-City Jazz Band
Evil Ways All-City Jazz Band
March of the Hyperion Robots All-City Grade 8 Band
Ancient Spirits All-City Grade 8 Band
Common Denominator All-City Grade 8 Band
Carnaval All-City Grade 8 Band
Free Spirit March Junior Concert Band
The British Invasion Junior Concert Band
Digital Prisms Junior Concert Band
Hallelujah Senior Concert Band
Queen in Concert Senior Concert Band
Bayou Breakdown Senior Concert Band
Pirates of the Caribbean: World's End Senior Concert Band
Curtain Call Senior Concert Band

Sample Recordings 2014 - 2015

(Songs we are working on...)

Junior Concert Band

Bang Zoom! Highlights from Frozen Epoch Fantasy
Bang MED Frozen MED Epoch MED
Bang SLOW Frozen SLOW Epoch SLOW
Zombie Tango Hebrew Medley Polar Express
Zombie MED Hebrew MED Polar MED
Zombie SLOW Hebrew SLOW Polar SLOW

Jazz Band

Chili today, hot tamale Big swing face Cheep tricks
Chili MED Face MED Cheep MED
Chili SLOW Face SLOW Cheep SLOW
Take the A train Tuxedo Junction  
Take MED Tuxedo MED  
Take SLOW Tuxedo SLOW  

Senior Concert Band

Consolation Bond James Bond Fantasy on the Huron
Consolation MED Bond MED Huron MED
Consolation SLOW Bond SLOW Huron SLOW
Platte river hoedown Chicago A Christmas collage
Platte MED Chicago MED Christmas MED
Platte SLOW Chicago SLOW Christmas SLOW
Rollercoaster MED    
Rollercoaster SLOW    

FHC Grade 8 Band


PCSS Grade 8 Band


Grade 8 Retreat


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