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May Music Magic,   May 4 2015, Yukon Arts Centre

Blue 'N' Boogie All-City Jazz Band
El Gato Gordo All-City Jazz Band
The Jazz Police All-City Jazz Band
Scorpion Gr8 Band
Tu Ungane Gr8 Band
Crazy Train Gr8 Band
Marche Diabolique Junior Concert Band
Cotton-eyed Joe Junior Concert Band
Codebreaker Junior Concert Band
Star Wars Saga Senior Concert Band
Video Games Live Senior Concert Band
Arctic Fire Senior Concert Band
Platte River Hoedown Senior Concert Band

Sample Recordings 2015- 2016

(Songs we are working on...)

Junior Concert Band

Festive Jubilee Kingdom of the Sun and Moon La Bamba de Veracruz
Minecraft Night Train  

Jazz Band

The Pink Panther Birdland Steep & Deep
Honeysuckle Rose Angel All in For the Blues
Bossa Neuva Quality Time  

Senior Concert Band

The Haunted Carousel More Cowbell Wondrous
Golden Winds Great Lakes Overture Flight of the Monarch
Land of the Midnight Sun    

Grade 8 Band


PCSS Grade 8 Band


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